Besuch aus Kanada- ganz im Zeichen von Braunbären und Grizzlys, die eine erstaunliche Größe erreichen können … Der englisch / deutsche Vortrag von Axel Bergheim zum Leben in Kanada war eine wunderbare Abwechslung im Schulalltag.

A few weeks ago our school was visited by a German guy who lived in Canada and Alaska for the past 15 years. Together with his woman, a native from Alaska, he lived in the wild from „snow to snow“, which is approximately from may to october. They lived of the land, went fishing and hunting in the surrounding or used what visitors brought to them. After telling about his livestyle in Canada and Alaska and the wildlife he experienced in the last 15 years, he than talked about the effects clima change already has on the nature and possibilitys to reduce our personal impact on clima change.